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by Student, Sophie S. , Pennsylvania

Today was an exhausting but an exhilaratingly fun-filled day in Nice. Our morning had started off with fresh croissants from the nearest bakery, followed by a daily French lesson and a short excursion to a nearby Russian church. Although it was closed, we still got the chance to marvel at the fun-filled architecture. After this, we had hopped on a train and made our way to Villefranche, where we tanned, swam, and ate gelato, of course. Dinner in Villefranche consisted of steak, salmon and lasagne, all topped off with an ice cream flavor of our preference.

While the food was absolutely wonderful, we couldn’t spend our entire night sitting and thinking about how satisfyingly full we were. We made our way to a building that looked like an ancient castle with a perfect view of all of the homes on the coast of Nice behind it. In the common area of the castle, a live movie was being played. We sat down to watch the movie for about 20 minutes, but we had to leave because some students are traveling to Monaco tomorrow and need to rest up. Of course, we missed our train, as per usual but that didn’t stop us from being together and having fun.

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