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Villefranche and Sandy Beaches

Monday was quite relaxing. We had a normal day of classes in the morning, followed by electives later.

During free time, I went to the mall with Amy and Reede to find something to wear to the concert electro at Nice on Thursday. We took the bus there together; on the way back, Amy decided to take the bus home instead of walking all the way home, while Reede and I walked to the train station to get picked up by the program van. What seemed like an innocent way to spare Amy’s poor feet an extra 40 minutes of walking, ended up with poor Amy stuck in Nice! I panicked a little when I heard where she was, but Amy’s a tough cookie, and it all turned out all right in the end— thank God!

Tuesday was a day picked out for snorkeling, but I opted out of that, instead choosing to spend the day at the beach with Reede, Meredith, Hannah, Aleaya, and Matt. We had a relaxing day at the beach, and I bonded well with the other girls.