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Trip to Pisa

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Trip to Pisa

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Saturday, we were given a free day to recuperate and rest. I mostly hung out in our apartments which are four apartments of around eight people each set up in a residential building. In the evening we went to dinner as a group to this place that you get an all you can eat type of buffet when you buy a drink. The food was surprisingly good for what I had expected and afterward, we went to watch the sunset on a hill looking over Florence. The sunset while not spectacular was still great, and the music and bubble man set a good mood. That night a few of us pushed our beds together and had a fun movie night and rest for our big day tomorrow.

Today we went to the beach! After a long day and a few burns, we took our bus to Pisa. So, like the many foolish looking tourists we took our pictures leaning, kicking, and hugging thin air. It was a great day though being able to get into the fresh sea air and visit the leaning tower that is worth the hassle to get a funny picture.

Today is the start of my last week, the trip has gone by so fast. We had morning classes today, where we visited the studio of an artist in Florence. He was an older man, and as we went through his studio he showed us work of his from when he was thirteen up to pieces he was working on currently. He was a living textbook, full of so much information and knowledge. Most of our classes we go to museums and as we go around in the group of six of us we are taught the features of certain artists or time periods, and see the work face on. Its been a really interesting and more interactive way of learning opposed to school which is a lot of lectures and reading, here is more like a story that we are being told.

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