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Trip to Naples and Pompeii

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Trip to Naples and Pompeii

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We have arrived in Italy! While very different from Athens, Rome has been exquisite so far. The buildings are my favorite part so far; the architecture is beautiful. Since arriving, we have had a busy schedule. We went on a day trip to Naples, where we explored the National Archeological Museum.

In preparation for our final exam, we searched for themes that were apparent through the statues. My group chose to compare and contrast the Roman and Greek representation of the Gods. We found that they often draw much of their inspiration from each other, then simply rename their creatures. It was very interesting to observe and listen to everyone’s themes and opinions regarding the artifacts.

Since all of the artifacts from the National Archaeological Museum were pulled from the ruins of the city of Pompeii, it seemed only fitting that we should visit there next.

So, after a lunch of authentic Italian pizza, we drove on to the city. I had heard about what occurred in the city, but to actually be in the ruins and imagining the bustling of life that had gone on there was incredible. We spent a few hours listening to Monica explain all of the different parts and pieces of the city, and it seemed as though the people of Pompeii were actually quite advanced.

I think that we all really enjoyed being able to experience the city hands-on and truly envision what went on there.

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