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Traveling from Quito to Nice
by Student, Arianna R. , Quito, Ecuador

Traveling from Quito to Nice

My mother and I were looking for a program where I could practice my french but at the same time learning photography, and doing some sports. The timing was very hard first of all because in Ecuador we finish classes much later than the USA and Europe. Secondly, my sister is graduating from high school and the ceremony is even later and I did not want to miss it.

After a long search, we were able to find Abbey Road Programs and from the start, we saw how everyone was trying to help us to be able to fit it into our schedule.  Quito, Ecuador’s capital (where I live) is a small city and many people know each other. There are certain summer camps many people from Quito attend, we didn’t want the classic programs, I told my mom I wanted to go somewhere where I could meet new people, make new friends and this way have a more enriching experience.

Traveling by myself, I will be required to make new friends and not speak in Spanish. With the technology these days, I am sure these friendships I make, will last for a lifetime. I will always know that I have a friend on the other side of the world.


I have always liked photography, and have always enjoyed taking pictures of friends, of spectacular views, sunsets, and especially when I travel.  It is always wonderful to look at pictures, they bring back so many memories, you remember when laughing with friends, a trip with your family special celebrations that sometimes you tend to forget.  I enjoy photography so much but unfortunately, I have never been able to take any lessons on it. I can not wait to start learning, I am sure with them I am going to be able to capture all those above-mentioned experiences be captured in a much more exciting, creative and detailed way.

I have even been thinking to study photography as my career, so I think this lesson is a way to see if it is really the path I should take for my studies or it is only something I will like to do as a hobby. You can only know for sure you really like something the moment you try it in a specialized class.

If it works out that I do see myself doing this for the rest of my life, I am sure the pictures I get to take during the summer course will be perfect for the portfolio I will need to complete for applying to college. If I find out I only like it as a hobby, it will also contribute to my life greatly because I will be able to capture the best moments of my life in such a better way than I am doing right now.


Crêpe and strawberry Nice


Cooking class is another highlight of this trip.  I love cooking and can not wait to learn some new techniques and recipes. I have heard so much about French cuisine, I am dying to try it.  It would be nice to learn how to cook some special dish and be able to replicate it for my family when I return home. One of the things I like the most in the kitchen is making desserts, so I really hope that in the lessons some sweets are taught, like for example Creme Brulee (my favorite), chocolate souffle, crepes, and a variety of macaron flavors.


After reading some of the blogs uploaded to Abbey Road Programs, I learned what parasailing is, I never heard of it before! It looks great.  I imagine you get to feel like a bird flying over the ocean so freely. I think it is a really cool sport, Iso I hope I will be able to try it, I also hope that I do not get stressed I I do get the courage to get up there and do this extraordinary sport. I think there is a very small amount of programs where you are able to do this type of things, doing parasailing is something I would’ve never thought about doing, and either has the chance.

Free Time

Having free time with my friends is one of my favorite things.  During this time I will get to know them better, live exciting adventures, and make extraordinary memories.  I’d like to spend free time outside campus because we are going to be able to discover new places. I’d love to visit small cafes and stores to do some shopping (I loveeeee shopping).  What I like the most about shopping is the experience of having to make yourself understood by store personnel. This includes converting money to know how much is in your countries currency and getting used to the different bills and coins.  I really hope things are not too expensive, to be able to buy something.

Weekend Trips

Obviously, I can’t forget about the weekend trips we are going to have. I really hope that during the weeks I will be there I get to visit Monaco and St. Tropez.  These two have always called my attention. Cannes is another city I wish to visit. I have read some blogs about the trips to Cannes, and the commentaries are great.  I saw some beautiful pictures, and wish to already be there.

I am a big fan of beaches. I love to spend the day in the sea while I jump the waves and play some soccer. I love sunbathing. I have heard that you pick up a beautiful tan in the Mediterranean.

I am very lucky of having the opportunity to soon embark on this incredible adventure. French lessons, photography classes, cooking experience, and all the extreme sports. Traveling in France and making new friends are going to make my 2018 summer unforgettable!!!!

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