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Traveling Back in Time

The lavender at the museum.Provence is known for its production of lavender; it can be used as a remedy, as a decoration, or as an application product. Sunday, we went to a lavender museum and learned how they made lavender and what it could be used for. I purchased some lavender products that help with sore legs, feet, and chapped lips! It was really interesting to learn about how one product has so many purposes, and it smells great too!

Afterward, we went to Avignon, which is a beautiful, antique city marked by stone barriers that are stories tall. We had a stipend lunch and time to ourselves to walk around the Palais De Papes. The stone barriers around the city were useful hundreds of year ago to protect from enemies and signify the territory of the city. Many of the buildings in Avignon are made of stone and are older than the United States! Especially now, during the festival time, it was like traveling back in time; everyone dressed up, acting, and singing made the city light up. This huge castle was so elegant and was used as a house and counsel area hundreds of years ago. It was absolutely massive and gorgeous. We also got to see the Pont D’Avingnon, which is Avignon’s famous bridge. For dinner, we went to the house of a friend of Agathe, and she cooked us ratatouille.

Monday was a typical day; in art class, we went to Cezanne’s inspirational painting area and painted the same scene that he did when he was alive. Lizzy’s birthday was Monday as well, so we had a nice surprise party for her! We cooked kebobs in our cooking group, the last one before the iron chef competition, and had cake all together! Tuesday, a few of us went to the pool and had a nice relaxing day there. We all went out to dinner as a group and saw a movie called La Vie en Rose in the park. It was such a classic movie that everyone enjoyed.


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