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Top Reasons Why You Should Study In Switzerland

Studying in Switzerland as an international student is one of the most colorful experiences out there. From getting to enjoy their cheese & chocolate every day to the top-notch education you can get at an affordable price, there are many perks it holds that should make anyone start packing their bags right away.

The High-Quality Universities

The Swiss high-education study goes back to 1460, which in itself is part of the reason it has bloomed into something of such high-quality. Switzerland is packed with universities that hold worldwide recognition and often find themselves on top of the best school lists. Whatever program has been on your mind, you can probably find it there.

The Diversity

Diversity is an essential part of Swiss pride. You can see it in their multilingualism, openness to foreigners, and how they leave room for individuality everywhere. They even have English programs and international schools, mostly aimed at foreign students, so they have an option even if languages aren’t their forte.

It’s Affordable

Seriously. Swiss universities are known to have lower tuition than most European countries. When they’re not offering low tuition, there’s a wide variety of scholarships on their tables that can make the whole cost go down significantly, even bring it down to zero.

Lots of Delicious Food

Swiss cuisine comes with a hefty amount of options, and their traditional foods leave little off the menu. Whether you opt for their fondue, cheese tarts, or snack on their chocolate, your taste buds won’t be disappointed. And you can always enrich your Instagram with their colorful food options!

Culture & Arts

During the time you spend in Switzerland, you’re bound to come across a lot of museums, galleries, and theatres. This is because the Swiss have a deep appreciation for culture and art. Even a walk in their cities promises a picturesque view, and you can find trademark bits of the countries where their cantonal language comes from.

Hiking & More Activities

Given the beautiful alpine mountains that accessorize Switzerland, it’s no wonder hiking would be a top activity there. But that’s not all you can get from their nature. Switzerland is lined with beautiful water bodies, which serve as a great escape on warm summer days.

You’ll Never Be Late

Punctuality is a Swiss trademark, and if you’re a perpetually late person, you should consider changing your ways, since blaming the transportation system is not an option in this country. Trains in Switzerland are known never to be more than two-three minutes late, and they even prep an apology for when they are.

It’s a Safe & Happy Country

Switzerland is one of the safest places to live in the world, which is an important issue if you’re considering studying abroad. You’ll be happy to know that Switzerland is almost crime-free and on top of that they tend to rank highest when it comes to the population’s happiness. The freedom and social support that come with living in such a country have a lot to do with Switzerland coming up as one of the happiest countries in the world!

Their Lifestyle

The Swiss lifestyle has an unwritten book of rules that everyone seems to follow. It’s complete with the effective German ways and the fresh breeze of French, making it an experience of its own. The stereotype that they’re only work and no fun is not really based on the truth. They do work hard, but when it comes time for their leisure time, they have a list of fun activities to last them a year.

Focus on Innovation

If you’re not a big fan of traditional ways of learning and creating, then Switzerland might be the place for you. One glance at the number of Nobel prizes that were won by Swiss citizens is enough to give you an idea of how they feel about innovation and creations that help humankind. Having said that, they tend to avoid making learning dull so that their students find pleasure in it.


There you go! A few Swiss things that will make student life there an adventure and give you a worthy degree.

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