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Time Really Flies When You’re Having Fun

The last week of the program is here, and I can’t believe it. It feels like we just got here a couple days ago… Fortunately we started it off with a celebration, because Monday July 22nd was Lizzy’s birthday. She turned 17! I’m so happy I could be with her on that special day; she is a great person.


On Sunday, we had a day trip to Avignon. We stopped by the museum of lavender. During our visit, the tour guide explained to us the process of extracting the lavender’s essential oils, and then he showed us a little about the history of lavender picking and it’s influence of the Provençal culture.

Afterward, we went into the city of Avignon. It was beautiful from the outside all the way to the core. The outside looked like a fortress, holding wonderful surprises captive behind walls of rich stone. We literally went in through a crack in the wall, and walked to the center. There, we were able to see the Pope’s former home, which is now a museum. We also visited the famous Avignon bridge. I loved the experience! Especially because there were many street artists that were performing all day, because during the month of July there is a festival in Avignon. Some were strange, some were beautiful, and some were funny. It depends on the person, but we all really enjoyed it.

Monday and today were regular class days, except on Monday we made kebabs for cooking groups. It is so interesting to learn all these new recipes! I’m very excited for our Aix Iron Chef competition tomorrow night. Today, we also went out to a restaurant for dinner. The restaurant’s name was Jacquous le Croquant. It is a very popular restaurant in Aix, and I must say it was very memorable. The service was great, the decor was très mignon (very cute), and the food was some of the best I’ve had!

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