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Time Flies When You’re Having Fun in Boston!

It’s almost the end of the two week long college prep course, but it feels as though we just got started. We have taken four SAT practice tests throughout the course, and each time I see how much I have improved. From my first SAT test to my second, I had already improved by two hundred points! I have not received my third test back you, but all of us are waiting in suspense. Throughout the day, we have been looking on the online Princeton Review website for a notification. Hopefully we will get the results soon. We took our fourth test today, which was quite tiring and took three hours and forty five minutes. On one hand,I am happy that we don’t have to sit through another practice test, but I am also a bit sad, because I enjoyed seeing how much I improved each time. My favorite trick for the SAT math section these past couple of days was learning to draw diagrams called the Average Pie and the Ratio Box. I incorporated these two techniques into the test we did today and was able to answer all of the average and ratio questions with ease. We also saw Boston University on Wednesday, which was a very nice experience. Tonight, we are going to go on a ghost tour, which I am definitely looking forward to. I am going to miss Abbey Road and I wish time hadn’t flown so quickly.

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