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The Wonders of Avignon

Avignon, nougat ice-cream, Le Palais des Papes, watching acrobats performing in the street, Le Pont d’Avignon, mousse de chocolat, the scent of lavender, all seasoned with music coming from everywhere around is the recipe for a wonderful day in Provence.

I told you before how, for me, this experience has been a mix of new and old. Avignon, as I saw it on Sunday, is the perfect example to illustrate this idea of mine. A medieval town with a medieval palace and a medieval bridge packed with people from all over the world, speaking all possible languages, discovering together whether they like it or not: Le Festival d’Avignon. It’s interesting to observe how all the crazy street performances, all the vividly colored posters announcing even more representations, all the strange music and all the people walking around, heading in different directions, but finding themselves in the same main square, somehow perfectly fit the medieval scenery.

You wouldn’t expect it and you couldn’t imagine it unless you see it with your own eyes, but in Avignon, during the festival, new and old meet and fall in love. It sounds mad, but it is true; every year in July, Avignon hosts the grandest love story of all times and time turns into nonsense, because past and present mingle together to the point where you cannot tell one from another…


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