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The Palazzo Pitti

As our time in Florence is drawing to a close, I have been trying to squeeze as much in as possible.

On Tuesday, I chose to go to the Palazzo Pitti, where we were amazed by the theatrical costume section and the Boboli gardens.

Looking at the costumes was an incredible experience! The detail and elegance of the costumes were surreal; all of the ball gowns had a classical style, and I could easily imagine them being worn by some of my favorite celebrities. All of the dresses had an everlasting air of sophistication. Stepping into the costume room was like stepping into a fairytale… All the dresses had a magical presence and made you feel as if you had stepped back into the most glamorous era of fashion. There were gowns from every era you could possibly imagine, and all were completely timeless.


Next, we went to the Boboli gardens. When I stepped through the iron gates and caught my first glance, I was amazed! I had never seen a garden more beautiful and grand. The scene was perfect – the sky was blue, birds were chirping in the sky, and the air was fresh with the scent of flowers. Once we made our way to the top of the garden, I was astounded by the view we were given. A tranquil feeling came over me, and I never wanted to leave but rather just sit there and admire the exquisite day and graceful garden.

The next time you are updated by my blog, I will be writing about the wonders of Rome. Until then, ciao from Florence!