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The Last Days

The weekend has just ended, and moving into this week, the most prevalent thing on my mind is wondering when nostalgia will set in.

Today, a couple of students from the group departed with their parents, and tomorrow we will all part ways. I’ll not ruin the generally positive attitude of my blogs by droning on and on about having to leave this amazing city, but instead look back on the great ways that we spent the last days of our trip.

Saturday we took the perhaps most-anticipated day trip of the month to the beautiful beach town of Cassis. There, we were able to ride on a boat to see various landmarks, the remnants of some old chateaus, and the impressive seascape in general. We broke off to have lunch, before spending several hours on the beach swimming, tanning, and relaxing. Nearly every member of our group had a sunburn by the end of the day, but the general opinion seemed to be that it was worth it for the fun we had.

Sunday we were able to sleep in before shopping for food in preparation for our day at the park and pool. We had a nice picnic in the park, and despite being recently sunburned, some people still chose to tan by the pool. For our last dinner all together, we returned to the restaurant where we had our first group dinner. This time, however, instead of a true French dinner, we had a meal more reminiscent of home: bacon cheeseburgers. Perhaps a symbol of our impending departure or a comfort from homesickness, but nonetheless a good last meal together.

Today will mainly be spent cleaning our rooms and packing up, but I still hope to make the best of my last hours with the people I have grown so accustomed to being with this summer.


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