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The Homestay Experience In France

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The Homestay Experience In France

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One of the biggest reasons that I chose to come to the St. Laurent program was because of the homestay. This means that you can live with a host family during your whole stay during the program. I got lucky with my placement because I got placed in a house that is within walking distance of the beach, the mall, the city center, and also where we go to school. I also got lucky because of my host family, the Mulets, because they are extremely nice, terrific cooks, and do our laundry. Merci beaucoup! We only speak French at home, which is where we learn the most. The meals here are absolutely incredible and my two roommates and I love it when our host mother surprises us with crepes when we return home from classes. We usually spend an hour or so eating dinner because we eat our main course, then it’s followed up by a cheese platter, then we talk for a while about our days and our lives back at home. Most nights we watch television with the parents and during the World Cup, their sons, who are in their 20s, would come to watch the games with us as well. My roommates and I all get along well which is cool because once the family goes to sleep, we just hang out in between our rooms and chill for a while. My French has increased mostly because of the homestay program and I highly recommend it to anybody thinking about trying it out!


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