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The Fourth of July and Saying Goodbye

Hello! As you all know, Thursday (July 4th) was America’s birthday! That night, we went to the Cambridge side of the Charles River to see the Boston Pops play, and there were so many people! We waited for the sun to set, and the fireworks started at 9:30. They were amazing! When they ended, the place was so crowded we couldn’t take the T to get back, so we walked all the way to Emerson. It was a really pleasant walk, and we were all chatting.

It was cool! Friday was our last day, and we were all very sad. We didn’t do anything tiring and had time to stay with each other, pack, and prepare to say goodbye. Some of us went shopping. That night, we all went out to dinner at an Italian place and enjoyed our last moments all together. We got back and finished packing. Some people left very early in the morning, and others left later.

It was so weird because I was basically seeing the dorms emptying themselves until it was just Benita and I (who are staying for Session 2, also). She and I went shopping during the day, and then the staff and I went to dinner at America’s oldest tavern called the Bell in Hand, which was founded in 1795. -Gabriela

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