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The Final Days in Palo Alto

Well, we leave tomorrow, and I’m going to miss everybody at Abbey Road!

On Sunday, we went to the Great America theme park. This was one of my favorite excursions! We rode about a million roller coasters (and loved them all) and one water ride (and hated it). We were planning on doing the drop tower, but the group before us got stuck at the top of the tower, so we left. By the end of the day, we were exhausted.

When we got back, we just chilled in the dorms and put the finishing touches on our Model U.N. projects.

Monday was our last full day of Abbey Road, and we had our second and last class with Eddy about Conservation International and how biodiversity affects all of us. We watched two videos about projects in South Africa and Venezuela that are trying to help the environment and the well-being of the area’s inhabitants.

In the afternoon, we had our final project: the Model U.N. It was pretty fun and extremely interesting! We even passed a Security Council resolution about U.N. intervention in Syria.

At 6 o’clock, we went to an Italian restaurant in Palo Alto. It had the best Italian-style pizza outside of Italy. I loved it! Then, until our curfew at midnight, we all hung out and dreaded the fact that the program ends tomorrow…

This was probably the best summer program I’ve ever done, no lie! I loved Abbey Road Programs’ Leadership Academy!