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The David

Pictures don’t do the David justice. Getting to witness the David both today for art history and this Wednesday for super arts has convinced me that it is one of the few artistic masterpieces that needs to be seen in person in order for it to be properly experienced. His brooding presence looks effortless, as he hoists the sling over his shoulder in a triumphant, confident pose. Very few works of art have left me lost for words, or questioning how the artist could create such a masterpiece. But as I gazed back and forth from my sketch pad to the sculpture on Wednesday for four and a half straight hours, I soon found myself overwhelmed by the sheer greatness and intricacy found in the David. The luscious locks of his hair, the protruding veins on his arms, and his calm yet belligerent glare all combine to form a figure of immense heroism and courage. Now I have begun to understand why the image of David has been a symbol of Florence’s vitality for so long; because in one simple, classic pose, he seems to embody centuries of Florentine history.

Although the L’Accademia prohibits photography, I was able to personally snap a few pictures of the David underneath the watch of vengeful security guards. I hope that this can even slightly do the David justice, and convince all who read this article to take the time once in their life to experience the David for themselves.

Until next time, Ethan

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