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Te Quiero, España

We’ve had some fantastic day trips and seen so many incredible sights that there’s no way I can be tired.

On Wednesday, we went to Las Ventanas where the bull fights are held in Madrid. Our tour guide told us that most bull fighters are 20 to 40-years-old but that you can be eligible to register as young as 16!


We also went to the Reina Sofia museum where there were many famous and beautiful works of art including some by Picasso.


On Thursday we visited Toledo. We took a bus from Madrid which was only an hour outside of the city. Our bus driver took us to the top where we got to look over the entire city. What a great looking group looking over a great looking city!

Soon we will be leaving Madrid and heading to Barcelona. I can’t wait to go to Barcelona but I will miss Madrid – the city of beautiful architecture, palaces and parks!


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