Language Immersion

“Bonne Chance”: Language Immersion in France

“Bonne Chance”: Language Immersion in France   Over the past week, my preparations for going to Saint Laurent Du Var, France with Abbey Road Programs have greatly shifted. On Thursday I left for Vienna, Austria because prior to arriving in France to begin my stay there I am doing nearly three weeks of unrelated travel. Being in ...

by Student, Amitai B. , Austin, TX

5 Things in Your Room Right Now That Could Help You Learn a Language

If you have dreams of studying abroad with a program like Abbey Road, you’re going to want to at least have a basic grip on the language of the country you’ll be staying in. You don’t have to speak like a native to get by, but it is a lot more fun if you can understand what locals are saying to each other as they pass by you on the ...

by Staff, Jessica A. Scott

Tips on Getting the Most out of Language Immersion Abroad

Studying abroad in a language immersion program can be simultaneously intimidating and exciting. On the one hand, you may be a little apprehensive about starting a new chapter of your life in a place where you don’t speak the language (at least not yet!). At the same time, you may be thrilled at the possibilities that await. Here are a ...

by Staff, Andrea Abbate