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by Marissa Muller, AR student reporter

Summer is a time unlike any other of the year. The temperatures have risen and the sun shines more than it does not. School is over, and now you finally have a sweet time to focus on yourself. I decided to spend this blog talking about my summer. I was done with the college on the 13th of May and on the 14th I was lounging by the pool in St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Finals were stressful, and I could feel the depth of my exhaustion from a semester of work.

I did something radical on that trip. I left my laptop and my phone at home. For the first time in years, I was completely disconnected. There were no text messages or snaps coming in. I didn’t know what was going on in the realm of Facebook. And most importantly, there were no e-mails for me to answer. It was glorious. I emerged from St. Thomas red like a tomato, but happy and relieved. Only after you remove yourself from your friends and your work can you see the value in it and get really excited.

During my time at my parents home, I have averaged fifteen hours of sleep a night with many naps during the day. Yes, I said fifteen. To justify this, I believe that I have at least 100 hours of sleep to catch up on. Now, I am happy and revived. Life doesn’t seem to be a chore like it does when you are stressed or tired. I had to resort to drastic measures and buy wrinkle cream the other day. I might be getting older and closer to not being in my teens than I am in my teens, but I still want to remain a kid at heart. And this kid needed her rest.

I have a reunion with my best friends starting today. And I write this blog on the airplane to meet them. After that, I will have more than a week at home to relax and visit family before I head back to school. Summer School. I picked up a second major before leaving college, and that necessitated a summer spent in school to graduate on time. I don’t mind though, in factthe I am thrilled. I love learning, so being the true nerd I am; I am spending my summer in school.

In summer, the fact is that you need to do what will make you happiest. This is the only time during the year when we as teens and young adults get to figure out who we are and work on improving ourselves. So whether you want to learn another language, get a summer body, or sleep your days away. Go for it. You have three months that are at your fingertips to craft the lifestyle you want for yourself. Mine might be strange, but I am beyond excited for it. So get ready, get tan, and go enjoy yourself! I know I will.

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