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Modern Europe Historic Tour: Dresden & Prague
by Staff, Drew H.

Modern Europe Historic Tour: Dresden & Prague

Summer High School Europe Trips

Day 11: Dresden

Modern Europe left Berlin today, arriving in what some know as “the Florence on the Elbe” – Dresden, Germany. After we had some time to explore the city’s old town and grab some lunch, we headed for the heart of Dresden, the Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady). Here we engaged in some thoughts on the consequences of conflict in Modern Europe, and namely, the infamous firebombing of the city of Dresden, and therefore the Frauenkirche, during the Second World War. Kurt Vonnegut’s Slaughterhouse-Five may come to mind. And so, the group has yet another challenging legacy of the many pivotal twentieth century events to contemplate. ( Summer High School Europe Trips)

Following our visit to the city center, the group used the remainder of the day as they saw fit. Some napped while others shopped, while still yet a few others simply soaked in the city’s beauty. A brief rain shower cooled the night air just in time for the final activity of the evening – an open-air viewing of The Martian right on the river bank. The surreal backdrop and amiable atmosphere helped us to enjoy the movie through the very end. What a night! (Summer High School Europe Trips)
Summer High School Europe Trips Summer High School Europe Trips Summer High School Europe Trips

Day 12: Dresden to Prague

 A noon departure time allowed the group to collect themselves, from sleeping to shopping (and everything in between), and consequently, enjoy a few final moments in Dresden. After a short bus ride to Prague and a quick check-in at our final hotel for the trip, we grabbed a late lunch and set up for a little stroll through the old town square. Soaking in both the views and light rain, the group checked out the world’s oldest functioning astronomical clock, the famous 14th century Charles Bridge, and the John Lennon Wall. With a myriad of shops, food stands, and Czech artistry in every direction along our way, we simply enjoyed the relaxed evening’s many entertainments. Summer High School Europe Trips

Already excited for tomorrow, we’ll be heading to Prague Castle just after breakfast!
(Summer High School Europe Trips)

Abbey Road Summer High School Europe Trips Abbey Road High School Europe Trips Summer High School Europe TripsSummer High School Europe Trips Summer High School Europe Trips

Day 13: Prague

Walking the same famous path as first completed by Charles IV, the first Holy Roman Emperor to be seated in Prague, and thereby crossing the scenic Charles Bridge, the group made its first excursion of the day with a visit to Prague Castle. Towering over the city landscape, the numerous art galleries, cathedrals, and exhibits not only enlightened us, but the castle also gave us an unparalleled view of the historic city. After grabbing some lunch near a french-inspired festival, the group used some free time to enjoy the city – and its river (paddle boating)! Just before dinner we were able to check out the Museum of Communism, reminding us of the city’s more recent past. To close out the day’s events, the group participated in an escape-room challenge, working together to “defuse a bomb during the Cold War” and to “break out of a Communist-controlled prison to join the revolution.” And who said history wasn’t fun?

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