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Stories from Firenze

by Keara S. & Elena D. As our first official week in Firenze comes to a close, we can say with total confidence: life here in Italy is pretty awesome. So much has happened since our first post, from gelato tasting at night, to baking focaccia from scratch and devouring a caramel cappuccino while standing at the bar during the day. We feel so at home here, that the mere thought of going back to the states seems impossible. A story to share: We are a bit afraid that this trip will be the start of a caffeine addiction for us, because we’ve found a café that makes cappuccinos that warm our very souls. Today we went to Chiar Scurro (the most perfect café) and stood at the bar sipping our signature drinks, cappuccino con caramelo. Elena started practicing her Italian by speaking to the waiter behind the bar, and he must have been proud of her attempt at the language because he gave us some free cookies as we were finishing our drinks. It made us feel like we are starting to become part of the community. Keara & Elena Firenze Maybe one more story: Today marks the day that Keara opened her eyes and finally appreciated fine art. In the past, when she had gone to Italy with her family, she had been too young to recognize the importance and magnificence of the great masterpieces that stood before her such as Michelangelo’s Il Davide. When she was younger, these works of art had no significance to her and therefore were boring and time consuming to go see. Today she is a new person. All of her former negative feelings about old sculptures and renaissance artists were washed away when she stepped into the Accademia and glanced up at the brilliant sight that was “The David”. The sheer, towering presence of this mighty sculpture gave Keara a feeling that she will never forget. From now on, she takes time and energy to step aside and really appreciate the artwork surrounding her in this city of wonder and beauty. Keara & Elena drawing From Florence with love, Elena and Keara