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Still Tourists?

by Elena D. and Keara S. It’s been a relaxed few days here in Firenze. Every day we have our classes and at night we do a fun activity such as going to the leather school, decorating ceramic plates, or going to the pool. Sometimes, though, it’s just nice to sit for a while and watch people as they walk by. Tonight, that is what we did, under the deep navy blue sky in front of the bronze boar statue, Il Porcellino; we just sat for about an hour and watched. Elena D. &Keara S. church As we sat there watching, occasionally gawking at cute dogs, we wondered if we seemed European to the locals and tourists. When they see us, do they think we belong here? We really don’t feel like tourists anymore as we have gotten to know the city pretty well in such a short time. We feel like we really live here because we go food shopping, cook our own food, and clean our own apartment. In our opinion, that’s as close to being local as we can get. Elena D. &Keara S. friends Italy is beautiful and amazing. Until next time, Elena and Keara