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St. Tropez

by Grant T. For the past few days, we have been on many trips to Nice and also to St. Tropez. For the whole day on Sunday, we got to tour and discover all of St. Tropez. It is a city with a lot of history and a beautiful layout. The city sits right on the Mediterranean and is very old. We had pretty much the whole day to do whatever we wanted. We sat next to the water for a while, explored the city, shopped, and found a museum atop a hill overlooking the city that had a great view. Grant T. St. Tropez On Saturday and Tuesday, we had time in Nice. Saturday we had the whole day to go to the beach, shop, and do whatever. Tuesday, we got to parasail and tube in the Mediterranean which was super fun. While parasailing, we had a great view of the shore in Nice as well as the city. While tubing, the boat tried to whip us around until we couldn’t hold on any longer and I enjoyed the tubing a lot more than the parasailing. The rest of the afternoon we just shopped and hung out with friends. Grant T. parasail

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