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St-Tropez and an Electro Concert

I had the opportunity to explore one of the most beautiful cities in the French Riviera: St-Tropez.

Abbey Road students boarded the bus, and we drove off to the famous town. Upon arrival, we walked through the city and found our meeting spot at the Office de Tourisme. We broke up into smaller groups, and I began to shop with my friends. Many of the streets hosted expensive, designer stores that were well out of our price range, but we found a few streets with adorable and affordable boutiques. Afterward, we went to the beach, but unfortunately, we were not given enough time to visit the world-renowned St-Tropez beach, because we were dropped off too far from it. We managed, however, to find a little sandy beach at which to spend some time.

A night later, our counselors wanted to make it up to us, because they did not allow us to go to an electronic concert in Cannes that everyone was anticipating for weeks. Instead, we went to a concert on the beach in Nice. We arrived much earlier than everyone else, so we just mingled amongst ourselves for most of the time. Others started to arrive, and the music began to play, but with our early curfew, we had to leave and wait for the bus instead of getting to hear the main performer.

The next day, we had classes and stayed in St-Laurent to practice our skits to put on a lovely show for our host families. -Amy