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St. Laurent Week 1

by Grant T. One hour after I arrived in St. Laurent, I met up with my roommates and the rest of the group for dinner at a restaurant by the beach. Everybody was very nice about welcoming me into the group even though I had arrived later! Right after eating dinner, we all went to a street party in the next town over. The music there was very loud and we danced for about 30 minutes until we left and went home to sleep. It wasn’t until I got home that jet lag hit me and I slept better than ever. On Sunday, we went to Antibes where we were able to swim, paddle board, and kayak in the water there. It was probably the most beautiful beach that I have ever been to! On Monday, we took a guided tour of St. Laurent du var. We learned all of the history of it and because it is in southern France there is a lot of history to learn! After that we ate lunch and were able to have two hours of free time. So, after lunch five or six of us walked around town to find some cool shops and restaurants. I ended up stopping at two pastry shops where I got a couple of pastries which were very delicious! We then returned to our group and started our electives. My elective was cinema and culture, so we watched a very good movie in French. Today was a very fun day here because we went to Nice and then tonight we played a soccer game between the girls and boys of our group. At Nice we were allowed to walk around for an hour and we also did pottery for an hour. My pottery I think was probably the worst in the group but it was very fun to do. The soccer game that we just played has to be the most fun I’ve had so far on the trip. It was boys versus girls and without a doubt we destroyed the girls. They put up a petite fight, but we still won and it was very fun! I’m looking forward to what this trip has in store for the next three to four weeks!