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Spring Into Action – How to Spend Your Spring Productively in High School
by Staff, Imani Bashir

As the school year is making its way to being over, it’s important to be diligent in how you spend these Spring months. The Spring is a great metaphor for blossoming and that’s exactly what you’re going to do. Don’t forget to breathe and also find down time to relax so that you don’t experience the end of the year burnout!

Congrats! You are almost on your way out and deserve a standing ovation. I’m sure you all have already received a plethora of acceptance letters or are still patiently waiting for that envelope. Maybe, you decided to take a gap year to work, travel (with Abbey Road, of course) or volunteer. In either case, be sure to finish out the year strong.

1. Don’t forget to fill out your FAFSA
2. Narrow down what school you will be attending in the Fall
3. Apply for scholarships and financial aid
4. Begin thinking of summer job options
5. Develop a plan for what you will do in your gap year
6. Start gathering your packing items for your Abbey Road Study Abroad program

For those choosing alternative paths, it’s also important for you to narrow down what you’re going to do post-graduation. Whether you’re going to be working or learning, always keep in mind of what your end goal is going to be. Stay positive and ambitious!

If you’re taking Advanced Placement (AP) exams, be sure to look at resources that can aid in your success. With the use of outside resources, you’re likely to reduce your anxiety and ultimately do well on your exams. Remember… BREATHE!

One more year left. Can you believe it? This is your last year before you’ll be making some major decisions. As you walk into Spring, your focus should be on how you will finish the year out to prepare for your Senior year.

1. Take the SAT and/or ACT
2. Begin generating a list of potential colleges or businesses on your radar
3. Create a summer to-do list (work, pre-college seminars, Abbey Road study abroad programs, etc.)
4. Apply for a summer job

As the summer approaches, it’s important to begin making and continuing the steps in heading toward the work industry or college that you desire. Speak with your guidance counselor to go in-depth about your wants, your goals, and your options.

Alright guys and gals, you’re halfway through your high school journey. How awesome is that? Just think back to last year when you were brand new and now you’re almost headed toward graduation. But, just as you are making your way to the cap and gown, there are many things you can do to end on a great note and begin your Junior year with ease.

1. Take an SAT/ACT prep course
2. Sign up for honors or AP classes
3. Don’t forget your Abbey Road programs deadline
4. Talk to you guidance counselor about your academic ambitions

You are no longer the new kids on the block and for that, you deserve an applause. Now that you have become acclimated to the high school experience, it’s important to continue on a path to setting yourself up for scholastic excellence. If you thought it was the time to chill, you’re sadly mistaken. Now is the time to rev it up! This upcoming year should be your focus on academic and extracurricular activity building.

1. Look into taking honors courses
2. Prepare for taking PSAT
3. Find extracurricular activities to do for the summer (Hint: It starts with Abbey Road Programs)
4. Find a summer tutor

The tasks of keeping up with making preparations for your future can cause you to stress or become anxious, but there’s no need. It’s important to order your steps and stay mindful of your goals. As you move to each level, and beyond, the most important thing is accomplishing things to the best of your abilities.

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