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Speaking French Opens New Doors of Opportunity

Studying French has opened new doors of opportunity for me, one of which is being able to leave the comfort of the United States and travel to a foreign country for one month!

After looking into many different programs, Abbey Road really stuck out to me. One of my goals of traveling abroad was to connect with the French culture in every way possible. The Abbey Road’s Aix-en-Provence program will allow me to do that, since we will live in France for one month, studying the language and learning the culture by seeing it first-hand. The many different choices of classes they offer were extremely appealing and reassured me that I will get the best experience possible. What I love most about this program is that they will fully immerse me in the culture, which at first can be scary but will be gratifying and helpful in the end.

There are many aspects of this trip to France that I am extremely excited about. I cannot wait to meet other people who are as passionate about French as I am and I look forward to making many French connections. I cannot wait to improve my French speaking and understanding in the culture. I believe that it is extremely important to not only understand the culture that I live in but other cultures around the world; I am looking forward to broadening my horizons. I am also looking forward to interacting with native French speakers.

I think that France has an amazing history that is shown through their intricate and ornate monuments, statues, and beautiful buildings that I cannot wait to be around, take pictures of, and experience! After the whole trip is over, I am extremely excited to share my experience with my family and friends and have this trip as my college essay subject.