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So Much to Do and So Much to See

“Sentatus Populusque Romanus” (SPQR) is everywhere, and I mean everywhere. The literal translation is: “The Senate and People of Rome.” Although a title first introduced during the Roman Republic, it still stays a prominent symbol in the modern city we have explored over the past few days. This shows the rich history behind the city; as rulers from Augustus to even Mussolini promoted the display of these initials. However, that is only a grain of sand to everything else there is:

We all gazed up at the monstrous dome of the Pantheon in awe, bewildered by how this could be constructed at such an early age.

We marveled at the Trevi Fountain, the detail and precision Bernini put into the large mass of marble.

We enjoyed delicious Italian meals, such as the the crunchy and fresh pizza in Naples.

We read Pliny’s account of the disaster at Pompeii while the gray skies thundered with great power as if Vesuvius was about to erupt.

We all stood in the Roman Forum, the epicenter of ancient Rome, and reenacted the death of Caesar right next to where he was later burned for his funeral.

We were struck with excitement as we marched out to the interior of the Colosseum (Real Name: Flavian Amphitheater), picturing the gladiator fights that took place below.

But most of all, we are enjoying every minute of Rome as we see and experience things like never before. If only we could stay forever…


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Colosseum in Rome, Italy