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Seeing the David!

A couple of days ago, my super arts class got the lucky opportunity to visit and draw the statue of David. Walking into the room is an experience that I will never forget…

David was all the way at the end of the room, under a perfect balance of lighting and placement. I was inspired to see many individual artists sitting and drawing the David. Being able to draw an important historical piece made the experience of being an artist in Florence so much more complete. It was amazing seeing the decisions that were made to make David look powerful. For example, his hands were noticeably larger in proportion to the rest of his body. This was done to make David look strong.

It was also incredible how real his muscles and facial expression looked. Leaving the David was sad, but lucky for me, I got to come back again with my drawing class and draw the David with a new method. I am so thankful that I got to not only see the David but actually draw it and learn all the aspects of it. No pictures were allowed to be taken, but it is definitely a piece everyone should see in person!