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Second Week in Aix

On Monday, we started the regular rhythm of our program in Aix. Every morning, our students have French class with our teachers, Sophie and Jen. All classes are divided in two parts: The first part is in the classroom where the students learn grammar and theory, and the second part is outside where they have to interact with locals and practice French. For example, they must order at a cafe or interview people in the street.

In the afternoon, they have different activities. Three times a week, they have French conversation or drawing, and the other days we go on excursions, or to exhibitions, or other cultural activities. Each one is a new discovery about French culture.

On Tuesday, we went on a hike at the famous mountain painted several times by Cézanne, a painter from Aix who was very influential to art history in the beginning of the 20th century.

Even if the weather was a bit capricious, it was a stunning view up there!

We also had a French night, and we all made crepes and galettes together, specialities from Brittany. The galettes are gluten and lactose free, so everyone had the opportunity to eat and fill their crepes with anything they liked: ham, tomatoes, cheese, or sweets! It was very fun to teach them how to flip over the crepe on the pan!

                      Goa, and Jane where doing a great job under the direction of Ashlyn, the chef of their group.

Last night, we had a great time bowling! Everybody had a different technique, but in the end Lizzy and Lauren were the winners of the night. We also played pool and “babyfoot” (foosball) in a very convivial atmosphere.


-Nina Lopez

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