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San Remo and St Paul du Vence
by Student, Eliza S. , North Carolina

Two weeks have already flown by! These past few days have been filled with many languages- not only French and English but also Italian! Arthur, the head of Abbey Road, came for a visit on Saturday and took us to the beautiful city of San Remo, Italy. To get there, we rented a private bus, which meant no waiting in the station for late trains! When we arrived in San Remo after about a 2-hour drive, we all hopped out of the buses and got to lunch as quickly as possible- we were all pretty hungry.

The lunch was great, I’m not sure how Italians do it- but the tomato sauce there is extremely good. After lunch, we proceeded to do some shopping in local stores and the market and when finished walked down to a private beach. We quickly set up our things on some nearby chairs and ran to the water, as it was boiling hot outside. The water looked and felt perfect, a great end to our Italian adventure.


After a wonderful, but long, day in Italy, we decided to take the next morning to catch up on some sleep. This was much needed, and I know the whole group felt much more dynamic after having more than the 5-6 hours of sleep we usually get! When our lazy morning was finished, the vans picked us up at home and took us to our next destination, St. Paul de Vence.

This tiny town is beautiful and the location of many celebrities’ second homes. The views were gorgeous from many different places around town, but especially from the little café where my friends and I had lunch! In addition to scoping out the views and dining on some salad, I spent probably a little too much money on lots of local items like jam, olive oil, cookies, etc. (but I don’t regret that one bit).

On Monday, after a great weekend, we had a class like usual! Today we focused on the subjunctive case, which I had not learned yet in school. We got to go to a café and drink hot chocolate while learning about the new tense, a cool way of learning that kept me interested! It is nice being able to switch up my learning style from the way we usually do it at my school at home! I also like the conversation aspect of our class in France, because I feel that helps improve my fluency greatly.


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