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We have less than a week here, and I can’t believe it. This whole experience has gone by so quickly… It seems like just yesterday we were all standing at JFK introducing ourselves and beginning the very amazing friendships that now exist. I am hoping and praying that these next few days go by so slowly; I’m positive that I’m not ready to leave Nice.

On a happier note, today was a great day! Before class, some of us attended a yoga class overlooking the Mediterranean. It was very relaxing, serene, and luckily not hot at all. This class did help me realize that I’m not the biggest fan of yoga itself, but I still enjoyed the sea and everything else about the class.

After that, we returned back to the residence for class. This class was different, because the teachers decided to combine the two classes into one for a lesson. We discussed fashion and designers and had a debate, all in French of course. Then we all left the residence to ask random people in the shops and streets what they thought about a quote stating that fashion was invented for skinny people. It was great to hear the varying answers but also to see the other students and me actually engaging in conversation in French. It was a nice reminder of how much we had grown as French speakers.

Then we jumped on a crowded public bus and took it all the way to Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, a lovely village with an amazing beach. We spent the afternoon there tanning, swimming, talking, paddle-boarding, and kayaking. It was extremely pleasant and a good reminder of the beauty of the beaches in the South of France that I will miss so very much.

Then we split up into groups to begin cooking dinner at a local hotel’s kitchen. My group was in charge of the dessert. We decided to make a “surprise cake” and not follow any recipe, just our taste buds. It ended up being delicious, so that was definitely a pleasant surprise. One other group was in charge of making homemade fries and steak, and the other was in charge of the vegetable and the fruit salads.

Today was a wonderful day and another reminder why it will be so hard to leave this program and this city.