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by Student, Alexis W. , New York

Welcome back to Rome! It’s been hot here, but that hasn’t stopped us from exploring and learning all about our surroundings. We had a jam-packed weekend learning about the history around us! Our academic endeavors started at the Capitoline Museum, where we walked around the museum as a group and learned about the history of the statues, and their connections to the early beginnings of Rome. Lunch was next, and then it was off to one of the most famous sites in Rome, the Colosseum! Walking inside was incredible as we all imagined what life would be like inside. Close observations proved the many details that went into the structure, such as name inscriptions on seats inside signifying who sat where.

After walking around and learning more about the use of the Colosseum (and taking lots of pictures!), we headed back to the hotel to get ready for a fun night in Trastevere, a neighborhood with lots of restaurants by the river. We all got to go off in small groups at dinner and had a great time walking around. Some of us walked down to the river afterward, where tents with colorful lights housing restaurants and carnival games lined the water. It was a beautiful night, and we all had fun experiencing a different part of town! 

On Sunday, we were off to another Museum, The Borghese Gallery. After a short bus ride, we arrived! The Gallery was the former home of a family who lived there and was built on a vast landscape with a large park surrounding it. Inside the gallery we were amazed by the elaborate details around every corner; from the beautiful murals on the ceilings to the marble on the floor, not one detail was missed! To help guide our tour of the museum, we were each assigned one important statue to observe closely, in order to capture all of its detail.

It was a really interesting exercise as it forced us to think deeply about our sculpture instead of just looking at it quickly. Once finished at the museum, we broke off into small groups again for lunch in the park. It was a great escape from city life to sit amongst the wide expanse of greenery, and just relax! Wide roads and paths provided space for people who rode bikes, tandems, and Segways. After our lunch break in the park, we headed over to experience another great historical site, the Roman Forum. We were speechless as we entered, and viewed the ancient ruins of Rome! As we walked around looking at the architecture, we learned more about life during the time period and how people lived.

 We’ve been having a great time in Rome learning about its history and exploring the city. Now it’s time for us to make the most of our last days here before heading off to Florence! 

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