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Rising Temps and Spirits

On Tuesday morning, for my Italian class, we headed to the train station to board the tram to go to a market on the outskirts of town. Our assignment was to find articles of clothing and prices of foods and write them down. Along the way, we were allowed to stop and look around the vendors or get some food from one of them. This was a fun way to get us to talk to the vendors to get the information we needed while trying out our Italian skills. I took some pictures and a video of one of the cats the vendors had.

Today, we had to give speeches in Italian class. It was a difficult endeavor but a good way to test us. When I got home, I rested for tonight’s soccer rematch. Hopefully, round 2 ends in our favor.

In my cuisine course today, we made panna cotta and tiramisu, which were both delicious and surprisingly easy to make. Definitely something I will want to try at home.

Thursday was a very low key day. Most of us spent the whole day just using the time off from our electives to regroup.  It looks as though the sickness I had wasn’t too uncommon, as now multiple people have become sick. A lazy day was good for everyone.

Friday, we had another quiz in my Italian class, which seemed rather easy. We then visited two gelatorias to write down flavors and prices and also try some for ourselves.

Tonight is our Iron Chef competition, where we are given money to buy food supplies and then given a secret ingredient that must be used in our dish. We have a simple appetizer planned of cantaloupe and prosciutto. The entree is a pasta primavera, which is a simple dish with many vegetables that can easily have a secret ingredient added to it. The dessert is a panna cotta with fruit and a fruit sauce. I am looking forward to this competition, and hope my team can come out on top.

I began to notice a very popular haircut that many of the Italian boys had and since I was in need of a haircut, I headed out to a barber shop with my roommates, Ben and Mason, to get a cut. The man cut my hair in record time and even used a straight edge razor on the fine lines of the hair. I must admit, I think it looks pretty good, and it was definitely worth the price. It looks a lot like the cut that professional soccer players have. Maybe it will give me an edge in round 3 of our soccer games. Feeling good and having fun! -Anthony

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