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by Student, Caroline J. , North Carolina

Walking with my roommates, Eve and Alex, the other day, we got on the subject of how easy it is to take the city for granted. Now that we’ve lived here for a few weeks, we have become comfortable and know our way around. This causes us to not pay attention to the streets that we walk on because we know them so well. Thus, we don’t take the time to appreciate the beauty of the city and only focus on getting to where we’re going. This is my mission for this week though. Each day, I hope to be paying enough attention to discover a new store on our usual route that I haven’t noticed before or take a new route altogether.


Speaking of reflections, yesterday we had the pleasure of going to Torre Tavira, which is a building that was renovated to allow tourists to climb up to the top and get a panoramic view of the city. The reflection part comes with the darkroom about halfway up the climb. As part of the tour, we were ushered into a room and shown one of the coolest camera tricks I have ever seen. I didn’t understand it all myself, as I am not well versed in Spanish lingo pertaining to photography, but basically, there is a camera on top of the building that transfers the panoramic image onto a huge screen shaped like a contact lens, for lack of a better way of describing it. The image was so clear that it almost looked fake. The fun part was that it was in real time so we could see laundry drying on top of buildings or people walking around on the streets. Anyone know the moving portraits in Harry Potter? Yeah.

That was definitely the highlight of my day. Type Cadiz into Google and the images that come up are the ones taken from the top of Torre Tavira. Totally unreal.

Wednesday, the program had planned for us to attend a sunset concert which was unbelievably cool. It’s amazing how the simplest things such as going out as a group to watch the sun go down and listen to some live music would be so exciting and breathtaking. The cool part about the performance was that there was a dancer that was interpreting the music that the band was playing. At one point, she was up in the air dancing on/in two thick strips of cloth with nothing but her incredible strength. Once again, this culture never ceases to amaze me.

Surfing lessons tomorrow, so there will be many fun stories for my Friday blog. Stay tuned!

Hasta Pronto!

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