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Reflecting on College Prep in Boston
by Student, Madison J.
Boston College
Credit: US News

The last few days went by in a blur. We took our last SAT (yeah), worked on college interview skills (so helpful) and finished our campus tours. We all know how important SAT is for getting into the college of our choice. We visited Boston College which I absolutely loved. The campus was beautiful and the people were so informative. Another college that we visited was Northeastern. The school was a perfect balance of being in the city yet had a true campus. It was the perfect school to see at the end of our college visitations. Visiting colleges was one of my favorite parts of the program. Living on a college campus for two weeks was another aspect of the program that I really enjoyed. I loved experiencing college life and it helped me realize that going away to college was something that I was really interested in doing. However, the best part of the Abbey Road program was meeting people from all over the world. I loved that my roommate was from Spain and some of my best friends came from Italy and Russia. The US was represented by a small but powerful number. I met friends from Florida and Georgia and we all immediately clicked. We all enjoyed being in Boston and eating dinner after class in nearby restaurants. We ran in the Boston Gardens, saw movies in town, and just walked around the city in our free time. Our last night we all ate together at a Mexican restaurant which was a bittersweet time. I was going to miss all the friends I had made. I loved going to Abbey Road at Emerson College. It was an intensive way to learn about college and the college application process. While the work was a bit overwhelming at times, it was worth the effort. I am so much more prepared to start my junior year of high school and to start preparing for my future!