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Rain and Pain

Thunder sounded around 4pm yesterday, and the rain came shortly after. It cooled Florence down for the most part, but I have no complaints seeing that Pittsburgh was experiencing floods during this time.

I had my wisdom teeth removed in early June and hoped all would be healed by the time I was Italy bound… Unfortunately I have an infection and had to see a dentist about this. Despite one swollen cheek, I was optimistic and still enjoying myself. I was assisted to the dentist by Claudio, one of our leaders. With his help, I tested my Italian out on the dentist to explain my situation. I said, “Io ho advento infezione in denti.” The dentist said this was good, but it provoked him to speak Italian back to me, and this is where my cover was blown, as I did not understand well enough to respond. Luckily, he does speak English and did a very good job cleaning out the infection for me.

In my free time after lunch, I took a nap and awoke to my roommates bearing a gift; these Statue of David aprons:                     I think they make our kitchen that much more intimidating. And they’re a good showcase for how great minds think… Hoping to heal soon. -Anthony