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Photography classes in La Sagrada Familia
by Student, Hanna I. , Barcelona, Spain


Today is Friday, July 15th. First and foremost, my heart goes out to all of France and to those who are currently suffering after yesterday’s senseless terrorist attack in Nice. I’m very relieved to hear that the Abbey Road students and staff in Nice are all alive, safe, and unscathed. My warmest thoughts and wishes are with you!

Yesterday was quite exciting! The morning started off with classes, where we got to go to a traditional market and practice our Spanish on the vendors. Afterwards we picked up bagged lunches at the residence, and enjoyed our routine siesta. The afternoon consisted of a visit to La Sagrada Familia, and free time in the Barceloneta area. La Sagrada Familia was stunning, and by far the prettiest and most unique basilica I’ve seen to date. It’s really like no other in the sense of simplicity.  It’s clean, minimal, and modern. There is no traditional paneling, dark wood, or baroque style elements. (Granted, the outside is more “typical,” but still, the stonework is beautiful!) The basilica is a creamy white color inside, with a very clean aesthetic look, which is juxtaposed with the stained glass which makes in an accurate representation of Barcelona’s culture, mixing modernity with traditional elements. Gaudi’s elegance and passion for intricacy left me completely in shock and awe the moment I walked in.


Earlier today, my Spanish Language class went to a large, stylish mall where we ordered coffees, and enjoyed a spectacular view from the top floor. A couple hours later, back at the residence, we received stipends for lunch (yay!). A group of us spent our lunch money at Pim Pam, a local burger joint. While everyone loved their burgers (I admit they smelled delicious) but the only vegetarian option was potatoes… which were good, but not very filling.  I do not recommend this place for vegans or vegetarians.

My afternoon elective is  photography, and for class today we visited several buildings, old and new, where we discussed art, and the history surrounding their architecture and engineering with our teacher, which I found to be extremely interesting. Later in the day, our whole group went to the grocery store where we stocked up on necessities and ingredients for lunch on the beach in Figueres tomorrow. This past week was very relaxed, yet oddly tiring at the same time. I know I speak for everyone when I say just how happy I am to be getting a lot of sleep tonight, so I can embark on this weekend’s excursions well rested.

One more thing… Happy birthday to my fellow Abbey Road traveler Delila! We love you!

-Hanna I.

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