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Photography and Art History Classes
by Student, Emma S. , London

In photography class on Wednesday, we did a walking photography tour of the city. Each person got to lead the group for 8 minutes and we ended up covering a huge amount of space in a couple of hours. I had so much fun and discovered some beautiful places throughout the city.

Art History class on Thursday morning brought us to the Marino Marini museum. This was different from the previous days because the sculptures and paintings inside the museum were modern- very different from the medieval and renaissance works we saw before. It was very interesting to visit and enjoy a wide range of art and it showed me that, even in a city as historical as Florence, the spectrum of art is vast. After class, we had lots of free time until dinner. We did some shopping, made a group lunch and went for a walk around the main city center.

On Friday morning we went to the Natural History Museum. We walked around the beautiful gardens for a bit and then went and saw their vast collection of animals and wax sculptures of human anatomy. I found it very interesting and seeing all the species of animals reminded me of my childhood visiting the Natural History Museum in London

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