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Parting with Boston is Such Sweet Sorrow!

This session has passed by so fast! Both sessions did, actually. I can’t believe that I’ve been in Boston for about a month… We’ve done so much, yet so little in comparison to this large, busy city.

This past week has been tiring; we had a lot of SAT prep and homework, we started our college essays, and we took two practice SAT exams.

On Tuesday, we had a normal day: SAT class in the morning and college admissions writing in the afternoon. In class, we got our classmates’ feedback and impressions of our essays, including what we should change to improve them, the relevance with the prompt, and the clearness of the essay.

On Wednesday, we visited Boston University under the scorching heat of the sun! It was steaming outside, so we were all very tired and didn’t have very many questions. Other than that, the campus was nice and had good facilities. BU has a business program, so I’ll look into that.

On Thursday night, we went on a Haunted Walking Tour in Boston. It was interesting,  and the tour guide was very funny. We walked around Boston while he told us all the creepy stories about the city and how the places we passed by were supposedly haunted. We all had a good time (and a good walk!).

Today, we also had our last and final SAT! YESSS!!! This was the eighth SAT for me, and I am more than happy and relieved to say that it was my last! I hope I improved my results.

I learned so much during the past month, and I feel like I now have the basics for my college application. I understand what a college is looking for in an applicant and how I should organize my thoughts in an essay to get the reader’s attention. I also learned a lot about the application process, which used to be a huge blur to me. I am really happy I did this program and that I learned many useful things during my time here on Abbey Road’s College Prep program in Boston!

The second session is about to end… I’m kind of sad. I got used to living in Boston, and I met great people to whom I grew close. We will all definitely stay in contact, but for now we’re enjoying our last moments together!