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Out in Italy

by Emilie S. Yesterday I went to Italy. Wow, it was gorgeous. We had to take two trains to get to Sanremo. It took an hour and a half, but it was worth it. Emilie S. palm tree Lovely. And here is the sea from Italy. Emilie S. France bay And of course, gelato, and delicious pasta. Emilie S. gelato Emilie S. pasta Ok, there was a lot of posing with pretty views so… Emilie S. portrait Bam! Italy made me into a supermodel. (Or maybe it’s just the beautiful view…) It was a really fun day, and I snatched two, real leather, made in Italy, cross-body bags at the market. The market was huge and covered several streets and reinforced the belief that Italians are good at making bags, shoes, and clothes. In France, I took my French for granted and was able to understand a reasonable amount of words. I could easily order food or pay for something. Not so in Italy. There was a lot of hand gestures and pointing since I know nothing in Italian. In the restaurant, I thought I was ordering pasta and instead was served a cheesy baked eggplant. It was very delicious though. This weekend excursion to Italy made me truly grateful for what I thought was sub-par French on my part. Applause to my French teacher back home and my teachers here at Abbey Road. Thanks to them I can order food, buy tickets, ask for a different size–basically get around France. This week is my last full one in Nice and I am begging the days to slow down. I’m soaking up every minute on this beautiful coast. Until the next post, Emilie