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Our Weekend Excursion to Siena

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Our Weekend Excursion to Siena

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After a busy week of waking up at 7:30am, we were given the pleasure of having a lie in on Saturday before piling onto the bus, excited for our excursion to the beautiful, picturesque city of Siena.

Once we arrived, we strolled along the old cobbled streets, making our way to the main square, which took our breath away! We were fascinated by the horse races, which take place there every year.

As the group parted for lunch, my friends and I adventured up and down the cobbled, narrow streets looking for an authentic restaurant to eat at. Our search for a restaurant was prolonged by our detours into the little delis and authentic leather shops!

After lunch, we made our way to the church; our breath was again taken away by the exquisite detail that stood before us. The spellbinding paintings captured everyone’s attention, making it hard to leave!

With our minds in a trance of fascination from the enchanting wonders of the church, we mounted the clock tower. We climbed the steep steps and narrow passageways furiously, impatient to reach the top. Once we had made it, everyone was exhausted but elated by the picturesque view that captured the entrancing city of Siena perfectly.

Buona giornata… -Sienna


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