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Our First Adventure in Rome

After an early start on Sunday morning and a three-hour bus ride, we finally arrived in the mesmerizing city of Rome.

We checked in, had a quick rest, and then eagerly set off to explore the wonders of Rome. First of all, we went to a fountain that represented the four seasons. After a quick gelato break to re-energize, we headed off to the Trevi Fountain, which reminded me of many romantic scenes in movies! We threw in our coins and made our three wishes… The scene was magical.

After an exhausting but elating day of traveling and site-seeing, we were all taken to a local, rustic pizzeria where everything was just delicious. It was a really authentic and well-earned meal! For dessert, we had the pleasure of being treated to gelato, and I had lemon and strawberry!

Tomorrow we are going to the Vatican, where we will see Michelangelo’s famous Sistine Chapel!

Ciao from Rome! -Sienna

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