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Our Final Days In Firenze

It is bittersweet, but it seems that we are heading into our last few days here in Florence. While a month felt like it would be an eternity at the beginning of our trip, this last week has made me realize that, although I have been able to do so much in these last few weeks, I desire to continue doing more. Every opportunity to explore my creativity through drawing or painting, or uncover the history behind Florence’s illustrious art has convinced me to further my artistic endeavors just because of the joy and excitement I find with the medium. In addition, the chance to travel to a foreign country pushed me to explore outside my own boundaries by learning to adapt to a new culture, embrace their localities, and maintain an open mind when pursuing new activities.

While at first it was a bit hard adjusting to the new environment, I have come to view Florence as a second home, walking the cobblestone streets as if I were a local and not just a tourist. I have acquainted myself with the local shopkeepers, bargained with the merchants of Piazza di San Lorenzo, dined at the best gelato shops and restaurants in Firenze, and taken inspiration from of the greatest artificers the world has ever known. If there was one thing I could say about this trip, it is that I wish it could go longer so that I could continue to browse this city’s history and explore its culture. Rome, however, still remains on our itinerary, and I plan to continue to maintain the exact same level of open-mindedness and curiosity that allowed me to truly love my time here in Firenze.

Until next time, Ethan