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Our days in Florence
by Student, Ise S. , NYC

Today in art history we visited the museum of contemporary art. Our counselor had a friend who worked there and gave us a tour which was fascinating. He explained the meanings behind these rooms that together made a sort of sculpture. After the museum, I took a long nap because of all the full days we’ve had. Tonight was a master chef, each apartment had a cook-off with the same ingredients we made amazing dishes. A few included bow tie pasta and vegetable tomato sauce, a vegetable quiche, and frozen peach parfait. The boys won with their cheating dish of a Nutella, cereal, breadstick mountain.

Today is the last for almost a third of our group, its so weird that some people are leaving, but we all had a great two weeks together. Today in the morning we went to academia which is the home of the famous David by Michelangelo. It was incredible and very impressive. Along with David was a large collection of instruments and copies of sculptures. There was a little video showing the traditional ways to make a model and it was a long strenuous process.

After lunch and a little cafe, in Italian, we visited the American Cemetery to remember those lost in world war I and II. It was very impressive and touching. Our tour guide gave us a back story on a few of the solders killed. We also learned it held women as well as men. The cemetery was outside of Florence which was nice to get some fresh air from the city. Tonight to say good bye to our group we went to the discotecca, the club, it was odd but fun. Mostly full of tourists like ourselves, the club played outdated American music, but we all have a great time and danced a ton.

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