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Orphan Black

by Marissa Muller, Abbey Road student blogger


If you aren’t watching this show, you are missing out on something amazing. Orphan Black is the little show that could. It is a BBC Canada production that is just starting to gain a lot of momentum in America and abroad. Why? Because it rocks.

Orphan Black is about clones, which makes it unique in the ever present saturation of zombies, werewolves, vampires, and police shows that graze out television screens these days. Cloning is a topic that is of great debate in the world today, and maybe that is why it makes such a great piece of television. You can get really invested into it because behind the Hollywood screenplay is an element of truth behind it. I think we all wonder about cloning, whether it is about your meat or from a sci-fi film you have seen. Cloning is a real thing that is happening, so a television show that explores it is nothing short of gripping.

The best part about Orphan Black though, is the main actress. Basically, she is THE actress of the show. I say this because she plays the parts of all of the clones. All 12 or thirteen of them. Each clone is a different, with a personality that is so unique and well defined, you won’t be able to believe that it is the same actress playing them. The main actress, Tatianna, seamlessly goes between characters and each has a life of its own. There is the cute and quirky neurologist, stay at home mom, evil corporation woman, psychotic crazy girl, the fighter girl, a German, and more. Orphan Black is a show that invites you in and takes you on a ride to a world you haven’t explored before. It has a modern storyline with characters that are relatable, funny, intriguing, and sometimes just plain creepy.

This isn’t your ordinary show because it deals with real world issues. The moral question of cloning, the struggles of being a parent, overcoming addiction, and the desire for a better life. If you don’t find a character you adore out of the many clones. Then you are bound to find a supporting character that you love as well. There is a cute and funny brother, an adorable daughter, hilarious neighbors, and just plain weird villains. However, I must say that one of the coolest things about this show is being with it from the beginning. It feels like you have discovered the next gold mine when you watch it – just how I imagine the first people to watch How I Met your Mother or House of Cards felt. This show is bound to end up a classic, and I am thrilled to be here from the start.

It is a great ride, and a show that I highly recommend you watch.