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Only a Few Days Left of College Prep, But We’re Still Having Fun!


Everything is going great! I have made good friends, and we are all very close and share a lot. Even though we’re working hard, we have lots of good times.

On Saturday, I stayed in, because I got food poisoning… It was terrible! I had to stay at Emerson, and I have to say I was pretty sad about that, because we were visiting MIT. Even though I’m not into technology, I still really wanted to go simply because it’s MIT! I did do a bit of research, though, and asked my friends what they thought about the school. I was surprised to hear that a few of them did not like it at all. They said the campus wasn’t too great. But we have to keep in mind that the previous campuses we visited were amazing (Harvard, Boston College, Tufts).

On Sunday, I felt better, or at least better enough to go shopping (of course!). So we walked to Newbury Street but had to come back early to leave for the Duck Tour, which is a tour through Boston in a big open bus. The bus also turns into a boat, so we also saw Boston from the river. The sights were beautiful, and the tour guide was very funny, so we had a great time! After the tour, we went to the Museum of Science, which was also interesting. When we got back, we all went to the movies. I went to see Grown Ups 2; it was pretty funny. but it wasn’t the movie of the year, obviously!

On Monday, we visited Northeastern University. Like in the first session, everybody loved that university. The only negative thing about the tour was the weather that day. It was about 90 degrees,  so we were all pretty much melting in the sun as the tour guide went on about the university. Even though we liked Northeastern, we were all very eager to return to Emerson, hydrate ourselves, and take a shower!


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