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One Week Down

Week one, and I am loving every second of this trip! Luckily the staff here is very understanding and flexible.

The first two days were very relaxing. We went to the local pool and leather factory.

As time went on I was getting more and more anxious to start my two classes, fashion and art history. I had no idea what to expect for fashion, especially since my fashion teacher is not part of the Abbey Road staff. Now I could not be happier! My teacher is so educated and experienced, I honestly feel honored to be her student. Today she took us to a museum that held a fashion exhibit and displayed the history and evolution of fashion. The corsets of the 13th century and the fringes of the 1920’s infatuated me, and having such an educated teacher only further enhanced my experience there. In that same museum she took us to see the Boboli garden which was utterly breathtaking!

For my art history class, I don’t think there are words to describe what it feels like to be learning about something – the Renaissance – in a place where it actually happened… Visiting museums and studying masterpieces with another extremely educated adult does not feel like class; it feels like a privilege.

During the evenings, we usually have our choice of activities, such as playing soccer or going to a ceramics or photography class. Of course we always have the option of free time when we get to walk around the piazzas with friends and soak in the culture of Florence. Tonight I went to a concert right outside of the Medici castle. There was a huge orchestra playing classical music. It was just a wonderful experience enjoying the music walking around the square eating caramelized fig and mascarpone gelato, which is my favorite flavor from a gelato shop we went to during the gelato-tasting evening activity.

This weekend we are supposed to be going to Cinque Terre, a beach that I am very excited to see!


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