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Off the Beaten Path: Dry Bars
by Staff, Imani Bashir
Off the Beaten Path: Dry Bars
Abbey Road Dry Bars

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 It’s very easy for parents to have some reservations about sending their child(ren) halfway across the world without them. Europe is often known to be quite a party part of the world where people can eat, drink and be merry. However, we are now in a time where health and safety has become just as an imperative part of the fun we like to have.

Most teens are probably thinking that all of the fun are saved for the adult crowd. The alcohol crowd. But, that would be far from the truth. England offers many options for teens to eat, drink and be merry without the alcohol. These establishments are kindly known as “dry bars,” but they are anything but dry. These alcohol-free bars and restaurants offer fantastic menus and options for teens, recovering alcoholics and people with certain religious restrictions. They create drinks with fantastic ingredients with the premise of health, safety and having a great time.


Redemption Bar:

Located in the Notting Hill and Shoreditch areas of the city of London, this bar was created by two female entrepreneurs. Catherine Salway and Andrea Waters wanted to provide an establishment that was both healthy and exciting. The bar boasts its flavorful non-alcoholic cocktails, as well as vegan cuisine with the inclusion of deserts. Their motto is “spoil yourself without spoiling yourself!”

Redemption Bar

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Their alcohol-free cocktails do not disappoint in the wow factor. Here are a few examples:

Apple Mockjito  £4.95

muddled apple presse, fresh mint and lime, served over crushed ice and topped up with soda water


Activated Charcoal Martini £6.50

toxin-grabbing activated charcoal shaken with fresh lemon and maple syrup and topped with aquafaba


Fitbeer £4.00

Premium alcohol free beer brewed in Bavaria, a natural isotonic packed full of B vitamins and only 66 calories


Bees Knees Sparkling Wine £4.00 glass £18.50 bottle

A carefully crafted alternative to alcoholic sparkling wine with only 33 calories per glass

Choose from white or rose – served in a crystal champagne flute


Cafe Sobar:

This restaurant is located in Nottingham. Created by Nottingham’s Double Impact, a drug and alcohol recovery charity, for the purpose of social inclusion and alcohol-free nights and weekends. The menu offers options from all-day breakfast to pasta and typical burgers and fries. But, one of the main attractions are the drinks. Some examples of their menu options include a Rhubarb Mimosa, Passion Fruit Bellini, as well as an assortment of coffee options, smoothies and fresh juices.

Best of all, all proceeds of Cafe Sobar go to the charity!

Abbey Road Dry Bars

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The Brink:

With its location donned in the home of The Beatles, this bar is another well-known non-alcoholic gem. The menu is a proud collection of locally-sourced ingredients to provide an “alternative experience”. You can find everything from a proper English breakfast to the signature European “Fish N’ Chips”.

All cocktails are offered at ONLY £2.95. Here’s a few drinks from the menu:


Bollywood sour

Lemon, ginger, elderflower and apple, mixed with sparkling water and garnished with lemons, limes and crushed ice.


Brink Panther

Blend of fresh strawberries, cranberry juice, superfruit tea, and apple & elderflower cordial combined with ice and topped with pink lemonade.

They also offer freshly-pressed juices, smoothies, coffee and sparkling drinks.

No matter where you go in the world, you can be comfortable with knowing you have options. Most restaurants and bars may not be exclusively alcohol-free but will offer a section on their menu called “Mocktails”. These drinks are given just as much time and attention as those with alcohol and can be enjoyed, safely, by anyone including teens. So, drink up!

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