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Northeastern and Boston University

Amid the business of SAT testing and college preparation courses, students have had the chance this week to visit two college campuses: Boston University and Northeastern.

Home to the huskies, Northeastern University is a competitive research institution known most for its business and engineering programs. Its extensive co-op program allows students to travel the country and world to experience working in a field related to their areas of study. Students here were impressed by Northeastern’s modern facilities, particularly two large, interactive touch screens that told of Northeastern’s diverse student population and its extensive programs.

Lining the Charles River is the second campus students toured this week: Boston University. Housing over 16,000 students and boasting Martin Luther King, Jr., Geena Davis, and Bill O’Reilly among its alumni, this university’s most popular programs include business, communications, and the health professions. Here, students perused the rotating primary research display in the school library, where they viewed documents written by Civil War soldiers and politicians, including Abraham Lincoln.

-Tony Sciarini

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